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We provide Legal Case Management System For Law Firms and Practitioners

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Case Management

You can manage your all cases, make them Starred or Archived, Can Filter By Client, Court, Location, Filing Date, Hearing Date

Store Case Documents

Keep record of cases information, including scanning and saving documents relating to each case.

Manage Clients & Personal Contact

Helps manage statistical information about clients. Store Client Information, Cases, Client Documents.

Personal Calender / Agenda

Helps Organize your daily Schedule, Tasks, Appointment, Routines. Never forget an appointment again.

Generate Various Reports

Helps easily generate various reports based on the activity, Also Generates Case, Appointment, ToDo Alert notifications.

Full Documentation

Can Manage Case Category, Court Category, Courts, Locations, Case Stages, Payment Modes, Acts.

The software can be installed either on one computer or shared over a network, or Installed on the Company website. You can then provide a personal access to each member of your organisation. This allows them to chose how they want to work on a case and how the case information should be shared with the other members.

Users can then create new cases (or campaigns) to which they can attach a list of people or organisations involved as well as to add follow-up information.

- Organisations providing advice or consultations will benefit from being able to quickly consult the database for background information on a client’s case and evolution, contact information, etc.

- Lawyers can use the software to track the evolution of a case and the resources spent on a particular client, as well as to track the status of a case in court.

- Office managers can generate reports based on the activity for a given period. The variety of reports include: activity overview for each staff members, statistical information on cases or clients, and general overview on how the usage of the organisation’s resources. Such reports facilitate the reporting on projects and the creation of new budgets.

Additionally, the software encourages collaborative work on common activities and encourages the adoption of good practices, such as a clear methodology for follow-up work, structured archiving, etc.


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